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Sun Medical Care was founded by Dr. Sun in 1997.

Our Mission is to:

  • To provide optimal medical care for our patients in the Capital District with a focus on preventive medicine and wellness. 

  • To provide individualized care in a courteous manner that reflects our values of respect and kindness for each patient.

  • To enhance the quality of care to our patients through advanced continuing medical education and implementation of state of the art medicine.

  • To have highly qualified, motivated personnel who are interested in their work and our patients

  • To have a smoothly functioning practice in which everyone works together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation.  The practice should be efficient, making the best use of everyone’s time without creating an air of hurry and confusion

  • To have a practice which will enable us to meet patient needs, yet allow for continued professional and personal fulfillment​

We are a patient centered facility that accepts young adults to our elder parents​.

  • We will deliver safe, effective and efficient care that is well coordinated across the medical neighborhood and optimizes the patient experience.

  • We will provide whole-person care at the first contact. Everyone in the practice – from physicians and practice nurses to medical assistants and frontline staff—will practice to the highest level of their training and license in teams, to support better access, self-care and care coordination.

  • We will be respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensure that patient values guide all clinical decisions.” Individuals and families will get help to be actively engaged in their own healthy behaviors and health care, and in decisions about their care.

What is your role in this process? We ask that you help us coordinate your care.  If you seek care elsewhere (without us sending you there), kindly notify us about your visit (self-referral to a specialist, visit to the urgent care or emergency room etc).  We will obtain and review the records and send necessary information to coordinate your care.  Contact us for clinical advice.  We prefer you call us during our hours when possible and before seeking care elsewhere.  (except in the case of an Emergency). We feel you will get the best and most responsive care here in our office.

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